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Toy Garages

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Toy Car Garage Storage
Regular price$327.14$196.28
Toy Parking Garage with Elevator
Regular price$170.00$102.00

No home fleet is complete without a play garage! Crafted from eco-friendly wood, it will become an excellent car toy organizer, keeping you away from stomping on all those cars, trucks, bikes, and helicopters. Garage toys will turn make-believe into a more dramatic independent play. Every car needs repairing sooner or later, and toy garages are great settings where the vehicles can be fixed, checked, and stored. Toy cars garages from СhildUniverse are 100% safe, strong, and durable. They will become a piece of exciting playground equipment and a cutely stylish accessory to the nursery, bedroom, or playroom interior. Meanwhile, our car toy organizer is a perfect gift for the little racer of your life! Suitable for all special occasions, it can be personalized with the giftee’s name to make birthdays, Christmas, or Easter more memorable.

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