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Montessori Shelves

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Wooden Montessori Bookshelf Natural
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Pink Dollhouse Bookcase
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Montessori Toy Shelf
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Front facing bookshelf
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White Dollhouse Bookcase
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Wooden Montessori Bookshelf White
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Wood Montessori Shelf
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Doll House Bookcase
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Wooden Montessori Bookshelf
Regular price$168.30$84.15
Montessori bookshelf for toddlers
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Wooden Dollhouse Bookshelf
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Wooden Montessori Bookshelf Pink
Regular price$168.30$84.15

No Montessori-inspired room is complete without a Montessori bookshelf! The Montessori shelves display a manageable range of printed materials that are easy for little ones to access. This, in turn, helps kids learn to manage objects, make a front-facing shelf part of fantasy play, and be encouraged to read from their early years. A hand-crafted Montessori bookshelf makes an ideal reading nook in libraries, preschools, or child’s homes, making books more enticing to little learners. We added the customization option! You give us the things you want to engrave on the kids shelves, like your kiddo’s name, favorite lyrics, or quotes, and we do it in a unique font.

Why Are Montessori Shelves Open?

Crafted from natural materials, Montessori shelves are an excellent way to organize a playroom, nursery, or any other setting and make it kid-friendly. Made on the basis of the best principles of Montessori philosophy, the shelves are child-sized and open. In contrast to messy boxes with toys, an uncluttered and well-organized front facing bookshelf provides a designated space for all the cute and sweet stuff. In addition to letting adults experience the effects of “cuteness psychology,” Montessori open shelves help cultivate independence in every boy and girl. It’s a simple, sophisticated, and child-safe design that invites toddlers to explore and engage with toys and activities without parental involvement.

What Is the Appropriate Size for a Montessori Shelf?

Regardless of the reason you infuse the Montessori shelf into the kid’s room (to display photos, toys, books, munchkin’s art, etc.), the unit must be mini-sized yet appropriate for children’s height. After all, that’s what stands behind every Montessori bookshelf for toddlers – the philosophy that promotes accessibility , maneuverability 🌞, and ease of use .

As for the depth, on the other hand, it is as essential as the height (unfortunately, the parameter is usually overlooked by moms and dads!). When settling for a particular Montessori bookcase, ensure you pick the piece that is deep enough to accommodate all the items you plan to use it for. In general, the perfect depth for kids shelves is approximately 11.5 inches.

Below are some of the basic parameters of a conventional Montessori bookshelf according to the age group your child belongs to:

Infants  Small (16.4 x 15.4 inches)
Toddlers Medium (21.2 x 23.2 inches)
Elementary kids Large (29.2 x 34.2 inches)

How Many Items Are on a Montessori Shelf?

Here’s an interesting thing: toddlers offered to play with fewer toys have a more meaningful playtime than their peers, with a bunch of options available. Let’s face the truth: too many things to choose from make even adults feel stuck for a moment (or even longer!). It’s no doubt that children may feel paralyzed by the variety of toys at hand on a toddler book shelf. However, thanks to Maria Montessori, we know that a decluttered environment leads to a better focus. With that in mind, display not more than eight toys and keep the rest of the collection out of sight.


✨ What are Montessori shelves?
A Montessori shelf, also known as a Montessori bookshelf or a toddler book shelf, is a specially designed shelving unit for children. It encourages independent learning and organization, making it an essential piece of furniture for Montessori-inspired learning environments. Using a bookshelf for kids is one of the simplest ways to make a toddler's routine comfortable. Learn more at 6 Tips to Make Toddler's Routines Comfortable page ♥.
🌟 Are Montessori shelves suitable for home learning spaces?
Yes, Montessori shelves are an excellent addition to home learning environments. They create a dedicated space for educational materials, encouraging a focused and organized learning atmosphere. To maximize the benefits of your home learning space, we highly recommend paying attention to other Montessori furniture, nursery wall shelves, and kids' wardrobe ♥.
💛 How can Montessori shelves benefit my child?
Montessori shelves promote independence, organization, and a love for learning. Children can select their books and materials, fostering a sense of responsibility and self-direction. Read more about how to raise an independent child ♥.

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