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Princess nursery decor

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Princess Height Chart
Regular price$62.86$44.00
Princess Name Puzzle
Regular price$53.82$26.91
Wooden Montessori Bookshelf Pink
Regular price$168.30$84.15
Cloud Name Puzzle
Regular price$53.82$26.91
Wooden Montessori Bookshelf White
Regular price$168.30$84.15
Rainbow Growth Chart
Regular price$62.86$44.00
Unicorn Name Puzzle
Regular price$44.86$22.43
Princess Double Name Puzzle
Regular price$85.80$42.90
Rainbow Nursery Wall Hanger
Regular price$71.42$49.99
Cloud Nursery Wall Hanger
Regular price$59.99$29.99
Natural Rainbow Wall Hanger
Regular price$57.13$39.99
Flower Nursery Wall Hanger
Regular price$71.42$49.99
Princess Crown Wall Hangers
Regular price$71.42$49.99
Nursery Mountain Wall Hooks
Regular price$71.42$49.99
Sea Shell Wall Hanger for Nursery
Regular price$71.42$49.99

Elevate your kid’s room with a pinch of magic given off by our princess nursery decor! Hand-crafted from earth-friendly materials, it is decorative, stylish, and functional. Wooden name puzzles, wall height charts, wall hangers, bookshelves, and other elements add a royal style to the princess nursery. Grasping and arranging wooden name puzzles boosts hand-eye coordination, while front-facing bookshelves foster a love of reading and independent decision-making. Some of the princess room decor items are also gender-neutral fitting boys’ rooms. Whether a tot is obsessed with animals, castles, unicorns, or other royal features, princess gifts are suited just for them!


🎀 What is ChildUniverse's princess nursery decor?
ChildUniverse's princess nursery decor is a magical selection of nursery decor items designed to create a dreamy and enchanting space for your little princess. This collection features a range of charming products to transform your baby's room into a royal haven. For instance, you can purchase items such as princess height charts, princess name puzzles, wooden pink Montessori shelves, princess crown wall hangers, and more – everything that is connected to crowns, pink and white colors, and the princess theme. It can be one of the most wonderful wooden gifts for your toddler girl ♥.
🌺 What is ChildUniverse's return policy for princess nursery decor?
ChildUniverse’s return policy allows you to return princess nursery decor within 30 days of receiving your order. For detailed information about our return process and policies, please refer to our Returns & Exchanges page ♥.
🌸 Is princess nursery decor on ChildUniverse safe for my baby?
Yes, the safety of your baby is ChildUniverse’s top priority. All our princess nursery decor items are made from high-quality birch plywood that meet safety standards, ensuring a secure and comfortable environment for your little one. The colors of princess nursery decor, as discussed in detail in our blog post Colors for Kids' Room, tare some of the best choices for a kid's room ♥.

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