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Wooden stacking toys

Give your toddler an opportunity for an effective brain-boosting and independent self-play with wooden stacking toys! Handcrafted according to the Montessori philosophy, stacking toys for toddlers are beautifully designed, eco-friendly, and superbly finished being 100% safe for wee ones who don’t mind chewing those. Whether it’s a ring stacker toy, bunny stacker toy, Easter egg stacker, or rainbow stacking ring, the play requires trial and error. An excellent mindful break for the kiddies becomes a perfect option for parents to keep kids busy learning cause-and-effect and problem-solving skills. Looking for a gift with a kid-friendly vibe? Get wooden stacking rings to carry little giftees from infancy to toddlerhood!

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Square Stacking Toy
Regular price$64.15$44.90
Star Stacking Toy
Regular price$64.15$44.90
Easter egg stacker
Regular price$75.57$52.90
Rainbow Colors Stacker
Regular price$64.15$44.90
Rainbow Ring Stacker
Regular price$64.15$44.90
Triangle Stacking Toy
Regular price$64.15$44.90


‚≠ź Are wooden stacking toys suitable for specific age groups?
Wooden stacking toys from ChildUniverse are designed primarily for toddlers aged 1 to 3 years. However, their appeal often extends to older children who enjoy creative play and building. Find more wooden toys for toddlers ‚ô•.
ūüėá ¬†How do wooden stacking toys benefit a child's development?
A: Wooden stacking toys encourage fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving abilities. Stacking toys for toddlers also foster spatial awareness, creativity, and independence in children. Read more why stacking toys for toddlers are important for a child's development ‚ô•.
ūüĎß Are wooden stacking toys made from safe materials?
ChildUniverse's wooden stacking toys are crafted from non-toxic, eco-friendly materials, ensuring your toddler's safety during play. Wooden toys are generally considered safer for toddlers than plastic ones due to their non-toxic nature, durability, and reduced risk of breakage into small, potentially hazardous pieces. You can have confidence that our toys prioritize your child's well-being ‚ô•.

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