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Wall height chart

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Dinosaur Growth Chart
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Woodland Growth Chart
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Rainbow Growth Chart
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Princess Height Chart
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A standard part of regular check-ups, a wall height chart helps personalize a kid’s room and adds warm vibes. Our selection of charts is diverse! Princess growth charts, dinosaur growth chart, and gender-neutral woodland growth chart – we’ve got products made of premium wood that are practical and durable. Every wood growth chart ruler is an artsy piece of décor handcrafted with the child’s tastes and environment in mind. The intensity of colors doesn’t fade with time, so it’ll be as good as new when you pass the chart to someone who can also enjoy it. Make a special occasion more memorable with a wall height chart given as a gift. Don’t forget to personalize it with a giftee’s name written in cute font!


📏 Is a wall height chart suitable for all ages?
Wall height charts from ChildUniverse are designed to capture the growth of children from infancy to adolescence. ChildUniverse's wall height charts are suitable for all ages, with sizes ranging from 50 cm to 150 cm, making them perfect for tracking the growth of children from infancy to adolescence. If you choose a woodland growth chart, it can serve as perfect woodland nursery decor for your kid’s bedroom or playroom ♥.
📍 How do I install a wall height chart from ChildUniverse?
Installing a wall height chart is easy and requires minimal effort. Each wood growth chart ruler comes with double-sided sticky tape and detailed instructions to facilitate hassle-free mounting. Simply use the provided tape to affix the chart to the wall, much like hanging a picture frame. This user-friendly installation process ensures that you can start tracking your child's growth without any complications. To find more real reviews from satisfied customers, please visit the ChildUniverse dedicated reviews page ♥.
✍ Can I personalize a wall height chart with my child's name?
Absolutely! ChildUniverse offers personalization options for all wood growth chart rulers. You can add your child's name to create a unique and sentimental keepsake. You can contact us for more details ♥.

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