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Night lights for kids

Encourage healthier sleep for your baby (and everyone at home!) with a cute illumination radiated by a baby night light. No more sitting in the dark while lulling your child to sleep, monsters under the bed, or stumbling across LEGO fragments! Each nursery lamp in our collection has gentle yet powerful light. This bedside essential is crafted from natural, non-toxic materials and adorned with super cute illustrations. Get an owl nightlight or a bunny night light suitable for both – rooms for girls and boys and gender-neutral spaces.
Our kiddie’s lamps can be personalized – purchase a cute fox night light with your tot’s name on it! Every toddler night light makes an excellent present for any occasion and serves as décor when the toddler stage comes to a close.
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Deer Night Light
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Fox Night Light
Regular price$65.58$45.90
Owl Night Light
Regular price$65.58$45.90
Raccoon Night Light
Regular price$65.58$45.90
Bunny Night Light
Regular price$65.58$45.90
Bear Night Light
Regular price$65.58$45.90


🐥 What are night lights for kids and why are they important?
Night lights for kids, also known as kiddies lamps, nursery lamps, or baby night lights, are small lamps designed to provide a gentle, comforting glow in a child's room during the night. They help alleviate fear of the dark, making bedtime routines easier for kids ♥.
🌙 What types of night lights for kids can I find at Child-Universe?
Child-Universe offers a diverse range of night lights suitable for children of all ages. Our collection includes various designs, colors, and themes to complement your child's room. For instance, deer night light, fox night light, owl night light, raccoon night light, and dinosaur night light. Highly recommend paying attention to nursery wall shelves for your kid's bedroom ♥.
✨ Are night lights safe for babies and toddlers?
Yes, our night lights for kids are designed with child safety in mind. They use low-wattage bulbs and cool-to-touch materials, ensuring they are safe to use in nurseries and children's bedrooms. For more detailed information on the safety aspects of using night lights for babies and toddlers, we recommend reading our article titled Do Babies Need Night Lights. This article provides comprehensive insights into the benefits and safety considerations of using night lights in your child's room ♥.

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