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Why Is Front Facing Bookshelf Better For Your Children?

Why Is Front Facing Bookshelf Better For Your Children?

Reading at an early age helps the little ones express themselves. At the same time, high quality and safe material for reading fills their minds with a deeper understanding of the world full of new concepts, emotions, and events. At ChildUniverse, we fully stand behind the concept Maria Montessori introduced: reading fuels kids’ imaginations and expands background knowledge. The approach implemented by the famous Italian educator proves that getting your kid involved in reading must be enjoyable. First, we recommend rebooting your kid’s reading routine by investing in a front-facing book display.  

Why Is the Forward Facing Bookshelf Important?

So, what’s the buzz about this forward facing bookshelf anyway?

Researchers see front facing bookshelf as a simple yet effective element of room organization since it fuels kids’ psychological health and well-being, which, in turn, aligns with Montessori philosophy:


“Wellbeing, or the felt experience of health, happiness, and flourishing, predicts several desirable outcomes including better health and work performance, longevity, and more positive social behavior and relations.”  (An Association Between Montessori Education in Childhood and Adult Wellbeing research).


In particular, open face bookshelf is important because it encourages the little ones to:

  • make independent decisions;
  • act without parental intervention;
  • recognize familiar images;
  • develop their own tastes;
  • cultivate organizational skills;
  • love reading and appreciate books.

Finally, the front-facing bookshelf is the best way to display books since it perfectly matches the kid’s room, reading corner, playroom, or any other interior.

Why Is the Forward Facing Bookshelf Important

Do You Need a Bookshelf in Nursery?

Whether you need a front facing book display in a nursery depends on a couple of factors, including your interior preferences and space available. To figure out if the front facing bookshelf is something your nursery lacks, answer the questions below:

  1. Does your kid’s book collection grow? If you find that their collection of reading materials expands faster than you know, it’s time to invest in a toddler book display.
  2. Does the nursery room lack space? If yes, a bookshelf will maximize vertical storage space.
  3. Do you wonder how to display books? When in need of an organized and neat nursery, using a stylish and sophisticated shelf will keep stuff well-arranged, making it easier to choose and grab books for reading time.
  4. Do you want to cultivate a love for reading? To encourage a love for one of the most popular pastimes, infuse a face-out bookshelf from the ChildUniverse brand into a kid’s interior. 
  5. Do you want to refresh the nursery’s décor? If yes, a well-chosen bookshelf will become a 2-in-1 solution: practical storage and a cute piece of décor.
Do You Need a Bookshelf in Nursery

How Do I Choose a Forward Facing Bookshelf?

If you want to create a Montessori-inspired home, a peaceful and calm environment won’t be complete without a cute, personalized open faced bookshelf. Here are some of the most crucial features to seek in a kids book display shelf:

  1. Eco-designed furniture 100% safe for indoor use;
  2. Appropriately sized bookshelves for the age group;
  3. Bookshelves that fit your child’s height;
  4. Gender-neutral decoration;
  5. Kid’s furniture brand that combines quality, safety, and creativity;
  6. Compliance with your child’s opinion and tastes.

How to Choose a Forward Facing Bookshelf

Where Is the Best Place to Put a Front Facing Bookshelf?

A forward facing bookshelf is not just a book storage. Yes, it’s a nice place to store your toddler’s favorite books and magazines. But there’s more to it! At ChildUniverse, we believe a childrens book display is a great way to add some personality to the room. We offer some top spots to use your bookshelf at to tie the room together and entertain a little one:

  • Nursery 😇. With an elegant bookshelf, the room will look ‘finished’ and let toddlers feel more independent as they choose one book or another.
  • Playroom 🎈. if there’s a designated playroom area in the house, a perfect location for a bookshelf is found!
  • Living or family room ✨. To promote literacy as part of the family routine (and provide feelings of unity and bonding), put a front-facing bookshelf in the living room.

Best Place to Put a Front Facing Bookshelf

When Should I Start a Kids Book Display Shelf?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), children as young as 18 months begin to show interest in books. Parents wondering how to get a child interested in reading should remember that kiddies start imitating the reading behaviors of adult family members. By age 2, many tots can identify pictures and objects in books while enjoyably flipping through pages. Since front-facing bookshelves serve as visual stimulation, they’re the very first motivators for children to see and pick books based on the covers.

When Start a Kids Book Display Shelf

To sum up, the more kids read themselves, the better they will become at it. After all, practice really makes perfect. In the Montessori supportive environment, even the most reluctant little readers tend to cultivate reading skills naturally. With the children's book display ideas listed above, your pumpkins will be encouraged to independently choose the books that most accurately reflect their specific interests.


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