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How to Make Your Mom Happy on Mother's Day 2024

How to Make Your Mom Happy on Mother's Day 2024

There is no love as powerful as that of the mama. You want her to have the world at her feet because, let’s face it, it actually belongs to mothers. Even the most beautiful spring flowers can’t compare to the source of unlimited love she truly is.

Mother Day 2024 is upon us, and you probably wonder how to make your mother happy today, tomorrow, and always. You know how to make your mom happy better than us, of course. However, we have some tried recommendations to help you turn Mom’s Day 2024 into an unforgettable experience for her.

#1 Photo Keepsake

If you don’t know what to do with your mom on this beautiful day, focus on creating long-lasting memories that mama (and everyone else as well!) can enjoy for life. Invest in a pro photoshoot or collect photos from the past to turn them into incredible collages to add a positive vibe.

 things to make your mom happy

#2 Put Your Heart into a Handmade Card

Time to let your artistic creativity go wild! One of the easiest and sweetest things to make your mom happy is through handmaking a personalized greeting. Avoid commercial cards! Instead, use some confetti, watercolors, crayons, or markers (anything will work!) to craft a 2024 Mother Day memento.

how to make mother's day special

#3 Arrange Mother’s Appreciation Corner

If you don’t know what to do with your mom at home, add some sentiment atmosphere in the form of sweet ‘thank you’ messages. To frame those memos, use a stylish changeable artwork frame. Hang it in the living room or any other space where everyone will show appreciation for the woman who has always been there for you all.

how to show your mom you love her

#4 Create a Heartfelt Video

Mom will treasure every ‘I love you’ message you record! There are tons of video apps to use if you don’t know how to show your mom you love her in a traditional way. Get together with the other family members to create a heartwarming video ‘card’ narrated by those who are full of love and appreciation.

how to make your mom happy

#5 Say It with Flowers

Mama will love receiving her favorite flowers in a bouquet you made yourself! What to say to your mom on Mother’s Day? Use a card to express your emotions, but make sure to practice beforehand to come up with a meaningful message.  

 how to make my mom happy

#6 Plan a Picnic

Looking for fun things to do with your mom out of the house? Plan the menu, get a basket, dress casually, and have a family picnic in a local park or stay in your backyard. Breathing in some fresh air is a win-win option.

fun things to do with your mom out of the house

#7 Surprise Mom with Balloon Bouquets

Make Mother Day in 2024 memorable with heart-shaped balloons delivered in a box together with sweets and a cute ribbon. Personalize each balloon with your own messages to make the holiday extra special for mummy.

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#8 Do Mother’s Day Painting

How about infusing some art into your Mother’s Day activities? Again, handmade gifts are most appreciated! It doesn’t really matter if you’re good at painting or not. The key is to put your heart and soul into your work.

what to do with your mom at home

#9 Just Quest It!

Don’t know how to make Mother's Day special? Add some adrenaline to the overall atmosphere! According to the “Escape Room Games: Can You Transform an Unpleasant Situation into a Pleasant One?" research, escape rooms encourage 35% players to think creatively and engage in critical thinking. If your mom is into extreme, have a quest night together. Whether it’s escaping a hospital or solving a detective story, the key is to get together and strengthen family bonds as a result.

 things to do with your mom out of the house

#10 Interview Your Mama

What is her journey through motherhood? What is it that she’s proud of? What did she feel when she got to know she was pregnant with you? Where does she get her strengths from? You will learn a lot!

what to do with your mom at home

#11 Have Family Fun on Bikes

When is Mother Day 2024? May 12. It’s when the weather is warm and welcoming for a bike promenade! Get together to go on a fun-filled adventure. There's nothing like a family bike ride, especially when you take beautiful photos along the way.

what to do with your mom

#12 Shhh!

Don’t wake her up. It’s her day, after all. Chances are she has to get up early in the morning day by day. After all, 65% of moms with school-age kids do more than their partner to help kiddoes with homework or other tasks. So, let her enjoy some zZZ while you will make a delicious breakfast for a special woman of your life.

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#13 Take a Cooking Class Together

If you think, “How to make my mom happy and share the joy of this lovely moment?” food is the answer. She loves to cook while you love to eat. Perfect tandem!

 fun things to do with your mom

#14 Surprise Her with Stylish Décor

Only mothers know how to make a house a home. Get some sophisticated rustic wall decor for living room as a gift so she can turn your home into a sanctuary, not just in furniture, but in feeling.

gift ideas for mom

#15 Take Her Shopping

Your mother has given you everything, including love, care, and life lessons. Treat her to a shopping spree and pay for all the expenses. Make sure she gets something she has been wanting for a very long time.

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83% of ChildUniverse’s mamas report parenthood being enjoyable for them, but…a lot of them lack the strength to keep going at times. That is why Mother’s Day 2024 is all about showing your endless appreciation and love to the woman who has always been there for you. Whether you plan a weekend getaway, take her on a nostalgic trip, set up a virtual cooking session, or go to SPA, it’s your presence and care that make the essential ingredient of the gift.


  • The idea of a nature walk and picnic in the park is just perfect for a Mother’s Day celebration 💖. This article provides a variety of options to suit different preferences, making it an excellent guide for creating lasting memories with Mom

    - Lucas
  • I love the creativity and thoughtfulness in these Mother’s Day ideas. Handmade cards, flower pot painting, and homemade treats are wonderful suggestions for showing Mom how much she’s loved. It’s a lovely article for planning a memorable day 🌸!

    - Ethan

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