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Preschooler Christmas Gifts Ideas

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Preschooler Christmas Gifts Ideas

Christmas season is upon us, and your kids’ wish lists have probably already reached the North Pole. Every year, you see the excitement in their eyes. The air is full of giggles and a strong sense of the anxious expectation of magic. For you, however, it’s a completely different story, right? While the little ones expect Santa and Rudolf to come, you and your S.O. sneak to the kitchen to decide when Santa and Rudolf find room in their busy schedules to do Christmas shopping.

Fear not!

Children are picky. That’s an axiom. But you can handle that list of demands and choose the best kids Christmas gifts. And that’s the theorem we’re about to prove.

How Many Gifts to Give a Preschooler for Christmas

It starts from the look at the abundance of toys stuffed in closets, toy boxes, and any other place that a toy can fit. It kind of gets you thinking, “Is there anything else that my kid may need?” Well, let’s face it. Today’s kids’ home assortment of toys would be definitely an object of envy of previous generations. From walkie-talkies and LEGO to ice cream makers and microscopes for little wunderkinder – children of the 21st century seem to have it all and even more. Is there anyone to blame? Yes. You. But that’s just love. 

Parents tend to overbuy being absolutely sure the kids need to have the newest and the best. Based on the research by Lan Nguyen Chaplin, a professor at the University of Chicago, preschoolers (kids at the age of 3-5) clearly indicate that material gifts excite them more than joyful experiences. However, festive shopping usually ends with tons of preschooler Christmas gifts under the Christmas tree. And then what? You expect them to be extra happy with the gifts you spent a lifetime purchasing. But the reality is that the little recipient just opens up a box and…switches right on to the next, and the next, and the next. Appreciation is not included.

So, how many gifts to give a preschooler for Christmas would be a golden mean? When it comes to Yule gifting (or any other occasion), moderation is a must. Your recipient doesn’t need 30 presents to feel happy. A couple of quality items chosen with the giftee and their interests in mind will work magic.

At ChildUniverse, we’re here to save you from the Christmas shopping fever and keep your budget on track. Below are listed the gift ideas for preschooler who has everything and wants more.

 preschooler Christmas gifts ideas

Best Kids Christmas Gifts for Girls

Looking for thoughtful presents for girls can be fun yet daunting. After all, you’re buying something for a preschooler with interests and passions that are worlds apart from yours. Chances are you’re about to pick something pink, glittering, unicorns, and ruffles. Stop. Give up on your gender stereotypes now. Not everything for girls has to look like a massive bubblegum pink cake. You’ll see from the preschooler Christmas gift ideas below that one can make a little princess smile this festive season without going obsessive about gender-stereotyped toys.

#1 Night Lights for Kids

If a perfect finish to a girl’s room exists, it has to be a night light. To make a cute interior even cuter, to scare away the under-bed monsters, or make the bedtime routine peaceful – a soft glow gadget gives off enough brightness to do the job parents will be thankful for. If your little giftee is still afraid of the dark, wooden night lights will help her see there is nothing to fear.

wooden night lights

#2 Wooden Play Kitchens

Let her become a real chef! It’s a well-known fact that kids imitate their parents. And when they do that, the results are stunning. With wooden play kitchens sets, the kid learns how to do the culinary tasks on her own, and so experiences what it’s like to be independent. If you still go for pink, there are miniature pink wooden play kitchens with all the utensils needed to turn a solo game into a MasterChef show.

wooden play kitchens

#3 Baby Dolls for Girls

If you were a little girl once, you remember the sweet feeling of playing with baby dolls. Girls seem to be able to dress, feed, and care for their dollies for hours. As one of the best toys for imaginative play, dolls will become a perfect gift for your daughter (or pal’s kid, or niece, or…well, you know better). First, baby dolls for girls are gifts that entertain. Second, they teach them important qualities like care and empathy. And due to a natural attraction that little ones develop to dolls, they won't end up in the charity shop sooner than you know.

baby dolls for girls

#4 Christmas Books for Preschoolers

If you’ve got a little bookworm to gift-shop for, there are so many options out there to become a perfect addition to your personal library. What is it that you’re looking for? Books to introduce and promote healthy habits? Books for deep dives? Or, perhaps, you choose books to inform children about the topics they can’t experience in real life? The options are endless. If you consider only Christmas books for preschoolers, here’s a mix of new and classy favorites to fill your holiday book basket with:

  • The Sweet Smell of Christmas by Patricia M. Scarry. A heartwarming story with a scratch-and-sniff element is one of the all-time favorites for the festive season.
  • It’s Christmas, David! by David Shannon. See how virtuously the author turns the good old x-Mas upside down and guarantees some good laughs for both the little readers and their parents.
  • Pete the Cat Saves Christmas by Eric Litwin. A New York Times bestselling book offers a nice lesson to learn – work hard and never give up, even if things are getting tough!
  • The Berenstain Bears and the Joy of Giving by Jan Berenstain and Mike Berenstain. If you’re looking for ways to teach the little ones about the joy of giving to others, you’ve found it.
  • The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey by Susan Wojciechowski. Meet a touching story of Jonathan Toomey, the most talented woodcarver in the valley. Why does a man never smile? What is it that he hides in his drawer? Will there be a joyful Christmas miracle at the end? Of course!
Christmas books for preschoolers

#5 Preschool Board Games

Introduce the concept of tactic and strategy to the little ones with some tried and tested preschool board games. A fun fit for a Christmas get-together, they also help kids learn important social behaviors and skills. Whether you choose Zingo or a Bunny Peek-A-Boo, your giftees will learn to lose with grace, take turns, solve problems, and even be safe around strangers. Whether they’re into tabletop activities or haven’t tried them yet, here are some suggestions for the best first experience:

  • Outfoxed. Outfoxed is a cooperative game that invites little players to solve a mystery! Try to use all clues to eliminate suspects to answer the who-did-it question.
  • Race to the Treasure. Here’s your team. There’s an ogre. Your task is to get to the treasure before the ogre. The game encourages children to cooperate, and use problem-solving and decision-making skills to win.
  • Hoot Owl Hoot. A fun cooperative board game for 2-4 players. Help the owls get back to their nest before sunrise. If all the birds are in their nests before dawn – congrats, you win!
  • Sum Swamp. If you wonder whether preschooler Christmas gifts somehow associated with math exist…they do! Add and subtract numbers you see on the dice to get on an adventure but be careful with the sharks! A fun way to boost fluency in early math skills and prove math is not boring. 
  • Gobblet Gobblers. A real find for both a preschooler and the whole family! With easy-to-understand rules, yet strategic and fun to play, this board game is kind of similar to good old tic-tac-toe but…with a little twist you’re about to get!

Gift Ideas for Active Preschooler Boys

Oh, boy. When you struggle to gift-shop for a kiddie boy and wonder, “What to give my child at Christmas?” remember the well-known 5-gift rule. Based on the simple recommendation, you get something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read. To cut it short, hunt for the presents that accurately reflect a kid’s interests, talents, and personality. So, what is your boy into? Keep scrolling to get inspired for your next Christmas shopping tour.

#1 Nursery Name Wall Decor

Some boys love reading, some go in for sports, and some are little aesthetes. You know what their home universe looks like so why not add a bit of style and creativity to it? A nursery name wall decor will be there for years to come. Things like mom-approved growth charts or nursery wall hangers will excite both the boy and his parents, whatever your budget or whatever their taste. Work well for gender-neutral nurseries too!

nursery name wall decor

#2 Balls for Kids

If stuck with gift ideas for active preschooler boy, balls should be on your nice list. Something conventional yet useful and good for social skills. One of the reasons why balls for kids are among the forget-me-not presents is that little players can use them for a team or solo play, for sports, and just to fool around. Besides, playing with balls is good for hand-eye coordination and muscle development. Cheers to happy parents!

balls for kids

#3 Construction Toys for Boys

Known as a classic toy, construction blocks unlock loads of skills for a little man. From boosting language skills to enhancing brain development, construction toys for boys help take a range of developmental skills to a new level. Besides…Have you ever seen how hypnotized they get when building (either solo or with friends) various objects? Needless to say, the kid’s vocabulary gets constantly updated with the words like “under,” “above,” “next to,” etc. If you were looking for a useful alternative to gadgets, here you go.  

construction toys for boys

#4 Children's Jump Rope

It’s harder and harder to get them unplugged and go out for some exercise. God bless the manufacturers of a children's jump rope! Not only are they wonderful for cardio and some fun physical activity outdoors, but they also help little jumpers bond with their friends in a simple yet interesting game.  

children's jump rope

#5 Kids Race Track

When looking for something boyish, the kids' race track will keep them entertained for hours. This perfect pretend play will not only fuel up the boy’s imagination but will also teach them safe driving and promote cognitive and creative thinking skills. Let’s face it – there is no boy on this planet that doesn’t like the adrenaline rush that kicks in during racing competitions with pals. We’ve got a winner, ladies, and gentlemen!

kids race track

Can’t decide on a Christmas gift for a preschooler? Don’t worry. Feel free to browse our special picks or even mix them. After all, if they receive duplicate gifts, that’s OK! Not only will you delight the little ones, but you will also teach them a meaningful lesson about giving back. Knowing there are kids in need, your recipient will be able to donate to a charity. That’s what Christmas is all about, and something you can make a sweet tradition out of. 

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