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Thanksgiving Gifts for Kids: 10 Ideas They'll Love!

Thanksgiving Gifts for Kids: 10 Ideas They'll Love!

It’s time of the year again, and we’re all falling into cozy sweater weather aesthetics with must-haves like pumpkins, the lush golden fire of the trees, baked marshmallows, and Thanksgiving to crown it all. The family holiday is upon us, and your chubby toddler is excited in anticipation of guests, Thanksgiving gifts for kids, and goodies.

But how do you make Thanksgiving special for kids?

Whether it’s your low-key holiday or a celebration in high luxury style, the Thanksgiving gifts ideas for toddlers will surely brighten up the turkey-flavored family day.

1. Boy Dinosaur Name Puzzle

Dinosaurs are the little black dress in the world of toys. They’re always a good idea and never go out of style! If there’s a young man fond of pre-historic raptors, buy a boy dinosaur name puzzle as part of your gift-giving routine on T'Giving Day. In 2023, the wooden Thanksgiving toys for kids are a safe alternative to plastics, especially if it’s the baby's first Thanksgiving and the recipient is still in the chewing phase. 

baby's first thanksgiving

2. White Montessori Bookshelf

Excellent investment in nursery interior aesthetics in 2023 and a hook to foster a love for reading! After all, who said that Thanksgiving toys for toddlers shouldn’t be useful or work for the future? Buy white Montessori bookshelf to have an appealing piece of design in a playroom, baby’s room, nursery, or any other kid-friendly area. Encourage language and reading development by displaying books with different textures, flaps, and detailed illustrations.  

thanksgiving gifts for kids

3. Woodland Name Puzzle Board

Let’s face it: in 2023, tots prefer to learn through gadgets. However, nothing can replace the soothing texture of a wooden toy that 100% appeals to the munchkin’s sense of touch. As you buy a woodland name puzzle board, you actually receive the 2-in-1 Thanksgiving gift for kids. Durable and earth-friendly, it is one of the first steps to your child’s education. See how they learn letters, colors, shapes, and woodland habitats in a tranquil play!

thanksgiving toys for toddlers

4. Wooden Play Kitchen

Pretend play is one of the most natural ways for kids to develop social and creative skills. Make your Thanksgiving gift for a kid part of their next make-believe! Let them cut carrots, make pizza, create fun appetizers, and just bond together as they imitate adults’ routines. Finally, cooking together and playing with the kitchen set also creates a highly enriched learning environment.

thanksgiving toys for kids

5. Girl Dinosaur Name Puzzle

Girls love dinosaurs, too! T-Rex-themed Thanksgiving gift for a toddler girl may not help you raise a world-renowned paleontologist, but it’s a wonderful addition to L.O.L.s, Elsa, and Trolls collection. The trick about dinosaurs lies in the mysteries that shroud those giant pets. We did our best to combine the two kids’ favorites – Jurassic Park ‘cast’ and educational tools to diversify your list of Thanksgiving gift ideas for toddler.  

thanksgiving gift for a toddler girl

6. Play Fridge

No other place is better for cause-and-effect learning than a kitchen set equipped with a play fridge. Is the egg going missing? It’s most likely in the fridge! If any problems arise, children will have their own space to encounter challenges and find the most effective solutions together. As you see, Thanksgiving toys can be stylish, educational, and 100% safe.

thanksgiving gift ideas for kids

7. Natural Wood Bookshelf for Nursery

Do you give gifts on Thanksgiving to entertain and educate? Those two birds are killed with the stone of our natural wood bookshelf for the nursery. Child-height, environmentally friendly, and stylish, the bookshelf is one of the Thanksgiving gifts for toddlers that promote independence. Little ones are free to choose printed materials based on their preferences without the help of adults.

thanksgiving gift ideas for toddler

8. Montessori Clothing Rack

The list of Thanksgiving gifts for babies should include something educational, entertaining, and… fashion- and design-related! The Montessori clothing rack perfectly falls into the last category. A whimsy touch in any room, the rack is a useful tool to teach tots to find their clothes, sort and pick them for whatever occasion. Raising a little fashionista starts off with small steps!

thanksgiving gift ideas for kids

9. Safari Name Puzzle

If you were waiting for an ideal moment to teach kiddos about exotic animals, here it comes! Suitable as a baby's first Thanksgiving gift in 2023, the name puzzle introduces wild animals in a cute way. The puzzle is one of the Thanksgiving toys for toddlers that help them recognize their names and boost motor skills at the same time. The board is soft to the touch, including shapes, colors, and textures to be mastered by a curious mind.

thanksgiving gifts for babies

10. Rainbow Ring Stacker

All-time favorite stacker offers various developmental benefits while being a win-win Thanksgiving gift for a baby and young child. The multicolored toy hooks the kids and encourages them to stack rings or blocks on each other to see the result (and make parents go yay at the accomplishment!). Keeping children busy, ring stackers help hone problem-solving, spatial awareness, and hand-eye coordination, all being part of the growing-up process.

thanksgiving toys for toddlers

Do kids get presents on Thanksgiving in your family? Whether you choose something to laugh about, munch while watching the parade or something with an educational implication, the Thanksgiving gifts for babies given above (we hope) will push you to some perfect choices for your special giftee. If some wow-worthy Thanksgiving gift ideas for kids helped you entertain little ones in your holiday history, let us know in the comments!


  • The suggestions in this article are perfect for creating unforgettable Thanksgiving moments for my family. I can’t wait to see my kids’ faces light up! 🍁👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
    Especially your play fridge, sure my kiddos will be in love with it.

    - Olivia
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    - Jessica
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    - Lery
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    - Olivia
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    - Marcin
  • This article sets the perfect Thanksgiving mood ❤❤❤
    The gift ideas are diverse and create memorable experiences for kids. Sure it’s a great resource for making Thanksgiving extra special 😍

    - Emily
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    - Sarah
  • As an aunt, I always strive to make Thanksgiving a magical experience for my nieces and nephews, and this article has become my go-to resource. Thanks to the tips from this article, I am able to create a magical holiday for my little ones, filled with love, laughter, and gratitude.

    - Auntie

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