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Printable Alphabet Coloring Pages

Printable Alphabet Coloring Pages

Amazing how little it takes to get kids educated and entertained! While many parents seek unique and intriguing ways to help children learn their ABCs, coloring, and drawing are time-tested favorites. 

Since munchkins learn best through play, understanding the alphabet doesn’t have to be dull. 

Keep it FUN! 

With wooden alphabet puzzle or abc wall decor at hand, little ones with a creative streak will enjoy the process and progress into confident learners in no time.

learning ABC wooden toys

Get Free Printable ABC Coloring Pages

Sticking to simple activities is the key. Meet our little bonus – ABC coloring pages – an enjoyable way to help tots develop excellent pre-literacy proficiency.

Free alphabet printables for toddlers pdf make coloring by letters (all 26!) a great way to self-express, practice, and have a piece of artwork when finished! 

Use our preschool alphabet coloring pages to teach them each letter and the correct pronunciation as well. All our alphabet coloring pages for kindergarten come with a bag of benefits:

  •   Focus. ABC coloring promotes better concentration and focus skills. With the frontal lobe activated in the process, the kid’s brain gets busy organizing and problem-solving.
  •   Knowledge. Colored alphabet letters are printable and available for FREE to help kiddoes recognize shapes, lines, forms, and colors (even hues!). This, in turn, helps excited artists pick colors for the next pictures.
  •   Therapy. Printable alphabet coloring pages serve as therapeutic tools. Through coloring, kids have a vital brain break to vent their feelings. 
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Happy ABC’ing!


  • Your approach to coloring is distinctive and stands out from the rest. I’ve been searching for a unique and beautifully unconventional coloring pages for quite some time.
    Thanks from the UK!!

    - Pamela
  • I just downloaded your pdf file with coloring pages and want to thank you for your work!
    You have tried very hard and put your hearts into the development of these printable ABC coloring pages :3

    - Patricia
  • These printable pages are a game-changer for teaching letters. The engaging designs keep my kids interested, and they’re asking for more. Grateful for this find ChildUniverse!

    - Mike
  • As a parent, finding educational resources that entertain is a win-win. These coloring pages turned learning into a fun family activity.

    - Jason
  • This article is a gem for parents who want to make learning enjoyable. The combination of creative activities and educational tools like wooden alphabet puzzles is a winning strategy. Highly recommended ☼

    - Ava
  • I’ve been using printable ABC coloring pages with my little ones, and they absolutely love it! The article’s emphasis on keeping it fun is spot on. Learning doesn’t have to be boring ♥

    - Emma

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