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Montessori Furniture

One of the best things about our Montessori wooden toy shelf is that it allows kids to develop active engagement with objects displayed on it. Toys, books, clothes, pencils, etc. – whatever you choose our shelf for, the little ones will have freedom of choice (greater independence!). This, in turn, will let them discover great functions of the shelf, as well as promote analytical thinking, fine motor skills, and coordination.
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Wood Montessori Shelf
Regular price$278.00$139.00
Montesorri Clothes Rack
Regular price$228.00$114.00
Montessori Toy Shelf
Regular price$278.00$139.00
Kids Clothing Rack
Regular price$228.00$114.00
Wooden Clothing Rack
Regular price$228.00$114.00
Front facing bookshelf
Regular price$178.00$89.00

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