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Easter Ideas for Toddlers in 2024

Easter Ideas for Toddlers in 2024

Easter is a special time for families, and creating new traditions with your little ones is always exciting. But it can be challenging for toddlers to find safe, age-appropriate, and engaging activities. That's why we've put together a guide on Easter fun with kids Easter baskets for different ages, crafts, Easter gifts for toddlers, and treats that you can do with your little ones on this special occasion. From decorating eggs to making bunny-themed snacks, there are many Easter activities for toddlers to make Spring Fest 2024 memorable for your toddler. Let's dive in and get started!

Easter Activities for Toddlers

Whether celebrated religiously or just as a renewal of nature, Easter is an extra fun time for littlies. After all, the first signs of a warm season manifest nature’s upcoming renaissance together with a bag of fun traditions you never tire of. The good news is that Easter traditions with toddlers vary – from the classy Easter egg activities for toddlers to new joys you’ve never heard of. To help you create fun Easter activities for toddlers, we listed the ones we’re excited to try ourselves!

1. Easter Egg Hunt with Kids

Do they promise warm temperatures on festive Sunday? Don’t miss a chance to catch sun rays and arrange hunting for eggs! You know how to decorate Easter eggs with toddlers, so now ensure you’ve got all the essentials needed! First, no hunt will be successful without plastic eggs filled with Easter treats for toddlers together with other small things like toys or money. Provide each hunter with a wood Easter basket where they put all the found treasures and wear suitable clothes.

Easter egg hunt with kids


2. Easter Story Time

As you sort through Easter ideas for toddlers, remember that the Easter family celebration is about creating rituals. Well, choose yours! Perhaps it’s the old song that your grandma used to sing to mark the celebration of hope? Or the fancy dinner menu that everyone had to participate in the making of? You can do it your way. Make reading/storytelling part of the springtime holiday routine. Choose narratives about the Easter Bunny or, if your family is religious, invite your munchkins to listen about the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Easter Story Time

3. Puzzle Matching Game

The arrival of Easter brings some opportunities to boost your kiddo’s skills. What better way to learn letters or words than by assembling a name puzzle for a baby? See how they train problem-solving skills and recognize colors, shapes, and letters!

uzzle matching game

4. Egg and Spoon Race

If you wonder how to celebrate Easter with a toddler and keep fit, try to get colorful wooden eggs and wooden spoons and race around the house! Make sure the egg in your spoon doesn’t fall down!

Egg and spoon race

5. Dance, Bunny, Dance!

One of the most popular Easter bunny ideas for toddlers that kiddos of all ages will like! Put on some fun Easter songs and let those little fidgets dance and hop like bunnies all over the place.

Dance, bunny, dance!

Easter Crafts for Toddlers

From decorating eggs to creating cute bunny ears, there are so many easy and fun Easter crafts for toddlers that you can do together. At ChildUniverse, we shared some of our favorite and easy Easter crafts for toddlers. So, grab your craft supplies, and let's get started!

1. Easy Easter Egg Decorating with Kids

One of the best things about decorating festive eggs with toddlers is that it doesn't require a lot of materials or preparation. All you need are:

  • hard-boiled eggs
  • non-toxic markers or paint
  • paper or newspaper to protect your workspace. 

You can even use natural dyes made from fruits or vegetables for a more eco-friendly option.

Easy Easter egg decorating with kids


2. Easter Bunny Crafts for Toddlers

Easter crafts for toddlers age 3 are a fun way to celebrate the season with your little ones. Making bunny crafts from various materials can develop creativity in children while providing an excellent opportunity for them to engage in a fun activity and boost motor skills, just like Montessori stacking toys do. Paper bunny crafts can involve cutting out shapes and using markers to draw a face and other features. Cotton balls can be glued onto the paper bunny for a fluffier look. Pipe cleaners can be used to create bunny ears or whiskers.

Easter bunny crafts for toddlers

3. Easter Handprint Crafts for Toddlers

Handprint crafts are a great option if you're looking for a fun and easy Paschal craft to do with your toddler. Using non-toxic paints, you can create adorable fingerprints of bunnies or chicks. Not only will your toddler have a blast with the bright paint colors, but they'll also be learning about colors as they create their masterpieces. 

Whether celebrated religiously or just as a renewal of nature, Easter is an extra fun time for littlies. After all, the first signs of a warm season manifest nature’s upcoming renaissance together with a bag of fun traditions you never tire of. The good news is that Easter activities for toddlers vary – from the classy egg hunt to new joys you’ve never heard of. To help you create joyful activities for kids on Easter day, we listed the ones we’re excited to try ourselves!

Easter handprint crafts for toddlers

4. Easter Egg Wreath

You will use the wreath as decoration for the nursery or playroom as a sweet memento later. But now get colorful tissue paper, glue sticks, and Styrofoam eggs, and follow one of those how-to guides to create an extra plush spring decor.

Easter egg wreath

5. Bunny Ears Ice Cream Cone

Are you done with the egg hunt? Get together in the kitchen, scoop their favorite ice cream into cones, and prepare (well in advance!) a bag of cute bunny-ears-shaped cookies to plant at the top of each cone. The bunny is ready!

Bunny ears ice cream cone


Easter Treats for Toddlers

Sunday celebration is only possible with unique festive sweets. As we’ve already said, putting some healthy Easter snacks on your list of delicious Easter snacks for toddlers is a good idea. Ensure to get little ones involved in any of the activities below to make memories together.

1. Pastille

Gluten-free confectionery - pastille - has an intense fruit taste and a light mousse texture. Made on the basis of agar-agar, it is similar to marshmallows but made of berries and fruit puree.


2. Easter Egg Cookie

Decorating cookies is a particular mystery and one of the most rewarding activities for the whole family. Now that you have excess holiday cookies, it’s time to add aesthetics to your dough masterpieces. Finally, remember that there’s no wrong way to decorate food. You’re an artist; you make the rules!


Easter egg cookies

3. Rainbow Fruit Skewers

These yumm-yummies are sure to become your family’s next favorite healthy Easter snacks for toddlers! Rich in vitamins, the dessert looks and tastes good. Provide a variety of fruits to encourage children to add up the ones they like the most.

Rainbow fruit skewers

4. Egg Muffin Bites

At ChildUniverse, we know the Paschal meal is not only about chocolate! Egg muffins will become not only healthy Easter treats for toddlers but also a nutritious addition to your daily menu. Simply whisk, add some cheese and other ingredients your tot likes, bake, and…bon appétit!

Egg muffin bites


5. Chick-themed Smoothie

Just four ingredients: frozen mango chunks, large banana, orange juice, and maple syrup. Blend all of them and choose cute little bottles that you will decorate with googly eyes and other chick attributes. Tastes good! 



All the above suggestions are to get you in a festive mood and provide ideas on things to do with toddlers on Easter. The truth is that the Paschal season entails endless opportunities to make this unique time fun, memorable, as well as quality. Whether it’s a tradition you brought to your family from your early years or something brand-new, ensure your scenario is about celebrating Hope and sharing your love with others while having a little fun.


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  • Great idea! Opting for pastila instead of sugary treats – I wholeheartedly support this concept! Unfortunately, on Easter, all relatives tend to give the little one unhealthy sweets. But this 2024 year, I’ll ask everyone to treat the child with pastila only!

    - Lauren Foster
  • Such cool activities for 2-3-year-olds on Easter! As a dad, it’s quite challenging for me to constantly come up with different activities for my super active girl who always craves something new. Baking desserts together is definitely not our thing, not our style. However, decorating Easter eggs sounds like the perfect Easter activity for us in 2024.

    - Ethan Turner

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